Nutrition and Supplementation

A nutritious diet is the foundation of good health.  The food that we eat affects our wellbeing in small and large ways.  Food that we eat becomes incorporated into our cells and organs, and affects the way our bodies function and the way that we feel.  Nutritional assessment and modification are used to heal and repair the body and may include dietary protocols, nutritional advice and supplements.  Dr. Emily Habert will work with you to improve your diet so that you begin to feel better immediately, as well as to prevent or reverse chronic disease.  Nutritional consultation will help you to reach your current health goals, as well as establish the habits that promote long term sustainable health.


Botanical (Herbal) Medicine

Plants from around the world have been safely used for thousands of years for their healing effects.  Full of vitamins and minerals, these potent medicines are extremely beneficial for all health conditions.  Many prescription drugs are derived from plant sources, but are accompanied by negative and unpleasant side effects.  Using herbal medicine often eliminates the need for pharmaceutical intervention, while providing the balancing and nourishing qualities desired for improved health.  Herbal medicines are available as concentrated tablets, teas and tinctures, and their use is based on historical application as well as modern pharmacology.


Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture has been used in Chinese medicine to effectively treat health conditions for over 2000 years.  Acupuncture involves the insertion of extremely fine, sterile, disposable needles into specific points around the body to affect the body’s energy flow and circulation.  Patients are usually surprised at how painless Acupuncture can be and even enjoy the euphoric sensation acupuncture can induce during and after a treatment.

Modern research now shows how the use of acupuncture by a trained practitioner can cause multiple beneficial physiological changes in the body.

  • Acupuncture increases endorphins, (the body’s natural pain killers), making it an extremely effective tool for the reduction of pain without the use or side effects of drugs or surgery. Especially useful in treating:
    • pain
    • headaches and migraines
    • injury
    • muscle tension
  • Acupuncture increases serotonin. This feel-good hormone creates a calm and relaxed feeling within the patient, making it a perfect treatment for:
    • stress
    • depression
    • anxiety
    • insomnia
    • nausea and vomiting (pregnancy or chemotherapy)
  • Acupuncture increases local circulation. Treatments can improve symptoms of:
    • nerve pain (neuropathy, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome)
    • scarring
    • infertility
    • PMS, irregular or painful menstruation, menopause
    • digestive issues (constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating)
    • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Acupuncture modulates immune function. Acupuncture can help patients needing additional immune response by stimulating natural killer cells, and can assist those who suffer from over-reactive immune responses, such as:
    • hayfever
    • asthma
    • hives


Lifestyle Counseling and Mind-Body Medicine

Health is affected by physical, mental and emotional states.  Dr. Habert works with patients to identify, set and achieve goals to foster health in all areas of life.  Making adjustments to lifestyle factors including exercise, sleep, stress, work and play has long been known to have a profound impact on overall wellbeing.   More recently, researchers have been uncovering the link between our thoughts and beliefs and our health.  What we think, we become.  Dr. Emily Habert encourages gentle exploration of attitudes, thoughts and beliefs as a step in overcoming all of life’s obstacles.  Aligning the mind with the body is integral to promote optimal healing!


Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathy is a method of holistic medicine that dates back over 300 years.  With the use of small amounts of natural substances, homeopathic remedies stimulate the body’s own healing processes in order to cure acute and chronic illness.  Used frequently with very sensitive individuals and with children, homeopathy provides an extremely gentle and effective treatment option.  Dr. Habert often recommends homeopathics as an adjunct to other naturopathic treatments.


Chelation Therapy for Cardiovascular Disease and Heavy Metals

In order to protect itself from the ill effects of heavy metals (mercury, cadmium, arsenic, aluminum and lead) and other highly toxic substances moving through the bloodstream, the human body stores these toxins in cells and organs.   Chelation therapy involves the use of oral or intravenous agents to bind and remove these toxins and heavy metals, resulting in improved circulation and health.  Chelation therapy is especially beneficial for neurological and degenerative conditions, as well as to reduce atherosclerosis and heart attack risk.


Intravenous Vitamin and Mineral Therapy

The application of high dose intravenous vitamins and minerals is an extremely safe and effective way to replenish the body’s nutrient needs.  The advantage of using intravenous therapy is bypass of the digestive system.  Nutrients are delivered directly to the cells, where they are required.  Intravenous therapy allows for higher than normal blood levels of nutrients, allowing for increased tissue repair.


High dose intravenous vitamin C therapy has been shown to boost metabolism and improve circulation.  Vitamin C is often used as an adjunct in cancer care and other health conditions.  It has strong anti-viral properties, and is capable of neutralizing and eliminating infections and toxic substances.


Intravenous therapies improve energy and vitality, boost the immune system as well as improve athletic recovery and performance.  The Myers Cocktail is an example of a safe and effective IV vitamin/mineral combination that is shown to reduce fatigue, fight off colds and flu and give you an extra boost.  Composed of calcium, magnesium, B vitamins, and vitamin C, it can be effectively applied to virtually any health condition to improve energy and vitality.


Programs – Take action to improve your health today! Emily Habert regularly runs group and individualized programs to help you meet your health goals.  If you are struggling with one or more common health concerns, contact Dr. Habert now to learn how you can benefit from one of these programs.

  • detoxification
  • weight loss
  • fertility
  • smoking cessation
  • prevention and treatment for chronic disease